Monitoring Boreholes in Natural Ground

Elliott Ground Source Drilling offer services for drilling & installation of gas and groundwater monitoring boreholes around the perimeters of landfill sites, oil and gas sites or any other sites where monitoring boreholes may be required.

Drilling in natural ground can be undertaken using various techniques depending upon geology and site specific requirements. Elliott Ground Source offer many different options including common flushing techniques, dry drilling and simultaneous casing and drilling systems.

Drilling diameters we can offer range from 100mm to 300mm+, to depths well in excess of 100 metres where required. We can also undertake testing, sampling and coring.

We have extensive experience of drilling in natural ground not just on landfill perimeters, but also on geothermal, water well and oil/gas drilling sites – where our crews have drilled boreholes in varying geologies throughout the UK to depths excess of 200 metres deep on a daily basis.

As well as offering larger rigs for particularly deep or larger diameter boreholes, we can also provide smaller drilling rigs where access to borehole locations may be limited.

We can also offer advice and assistance on which techniques/installations would be most suitable for site specific projects. If you require any advice then please contact us by either email or telephone. Site visits can also be arranged where necessary.

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