Open Loop Systems

Elliott Ground Source’s drilling crews and management staff have been involved in the successful delivery in some of the largest Open Loop schemes installed to date in the UK whilst employed by previous companies.

Open loop wells are drilled at larger diameters than closed loop systems and are normally used for larger commercial premises but can also be utilised on domestic properties in the right circumstances with carefully thought out design.

The open loop system comprises of a pair (or multiple pairs) of wells which are similar in construction to conventional water wells.

A submersible pump is installed into one of the boreholes (the abstraction well) and then connected to the GSHP (Ground Source Heat Pump). Water is pumped from the abstraction well through the GSHP and then back in to the ground via the recharge well.

An open loop system is more sustainable from a water usage point of view as the abstracted water is generally recharged into the ground via the second well.

Open loop systems can service a large amount of heating and cooling depending on water volumes available from the below ground aquifer. Due to the volumes of water abstracted licencing is require from the Environment Agency for any wells drilled and then abstracted.

A well designed open loop system is far more efficient and cost effective than the more conventional closed loop system.

Design is key to the successful execution of any system and ground source is certainly no exception. Experienced, qualified designers are integral to an efficient and sustainable system.

The UK Government offers significant funding for ground source heat pump systems through the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), details of which can be found via the following links : –
Click here for Commercial
Click Here for Domestic

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