Water Wells

Domestic water well systems are inexpensive to install and can provide up to 20,000 litres of water per day, free of charge and without any licensing requirements.

Domestic systems normally involve a single small diameter (typically 100-200mm) abstraction well. Well depths vary depending on local geology.

Once the abstraction well has been drilled, a non-corrosive well casing is installed and grouted into position. A submersible pump is then installed within the well casing.

Commercial wells can also be designed and installed to provide much larger quantities but requirement licences granted by the Environment Agency and careful design to ensure the flow rates required can be achieved.

These wells can be drilled at 300mm – 600mm diameters depending on the flows required and are subject to in-depth pump testing prior to the installation of the permanent pump to ensure the well requirements are met.

Elliott Ground Source have vast experience of domestic and commercial water wells and can offer a single turn-key solution from drilling, supply and install of all water system components including submersible pumps, pressure vessels, header-works, storage tanks and filtration equipment, through to the testing and commissioning of your system.

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